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forgot this again
guilt without a regimen
is often waved off
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we had dreams this week
admitted to each other
coworkers giggle
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grumpy old grandpa
snarks about how no one helps
and thus no one helps
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the plastic handcuffs
of customer service wage
retain my spirit
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a simple thing is
to come to this site and post
except when it's not
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Due to school dealines
and other obligations
Haiku Nurse will not be posting
until late November

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rain and rain and rain
the patio roof should hold
but one drip gets through
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do you serve refills
I should like some more soda
and another life
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an awkward distance
how you show me your jacket
but not how you are
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i thought i was poor
wallet full of coins and cards
Cerulean blue sky
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our neighbor stops by.
what ever made you want birds?
he asks. my love says, free eggs.
posted by Julie @ 12:14 AM   1 comments

his hair is bound back
a frayed, brown, greasy ringlet
two teeth stained yellow
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when the sun drops dark
the chickens all make a fuss
not wanting to sleep
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tiny ripe apple
pinot noir red and the size
of a baby's foot
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plate with wax paper
reheated slice of pizza
cold pint of amber
posted by Julie @ 11:53 PM   1 comments

monkey in zoo cage
too-long finger curved to nose
sitting on concrete
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roses are wilted
street sweeper eats the petals
a watery path
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